Monday, October 31, 2011

The Thing (2011): A Good Reimagining but lacks the chills of the version


     In Hollywood’s unmitigated and unrelenting efforts to remake every movie imaginable, The Thing is one of the latest films, to get a redo. The Thing is one of the few of the insane amount of remakes/ re-imaginings that does its predecessor a credit. It’s innovative, enjoyable endeavor that is created to serve as a precursor to one of the truly great horror movies of the early 1980’s, John Carpenter’s The Thing. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Joel Eggerton (Warrior), Adewale Akinnouye Agbaje (Faster), and Eric Christian Olsen (The Back-Up Plan).

     The Thing is an entertaining, inventive aberration that makes a commendable attempt to reintroduce a classic story a new generation of viewers. The Thing is a prequel that reveals the discovery of the extraterrestrial and the events that lead up to the beginning of the 1982 film. This retelling of the tale encompasses the story of the first team of scientists who actually unearth the “Thing” from its icy grave. It’s the second film to bear the name (The Thing 1982) and the third film to be based on the story “Who Goes There?” by John Campbell. The other movie was named “The Thing From Another World” (1951).

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Something Borrowed: A Montonous Chore of a Love Story

By: Da'Mon Guy

     Something Borrowed is a drawn out, tedious fiasco that focuses on missed opportunities and harsh choices. It’s a monotonous chore of a romantic comedy which follows the story of two life-long friends with completely contrasting personalities who share a mutual love for the same man. The movie stars Ginnifer Goodwin (He’s Just Not That Into You), Kate Hudson (Bride Wars), Colin Egglesfield (Must Love Dogs), John Krasinski (It‘s Complicated), Steve Howey (Stan Helsing), and Ashley Williams (Margin Call).

     Something Borrowed is mind-numbing, dreary exhibition of the tough, difficult choices that one must often make for love. The film is based on the best selling book Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. The movie has a number of picture perfect moments that highlight the tiresome love story. The film easily entrances the audience and feels just like a fairy tale. It is a love story that is told through multiple flashbacks, subtle nuances, and small gestures that are utilized to whisk the audience through Rachel’s passionate but laid back love interest for Dexter.

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And Soon the Darkness: A Less Than Stellar Story of Abduction

By: Da'Mon Guy

     And Soon The Darkness is a panic-stricken, suspense-filled account that preys on the fears that some American tourist have once they step onto foreign soil. The movie is a anxiety inducing combination of mystery, horror, and suspense. The film stars Amber Heard (Drive Angry), Odette Yustman (You Again), and Karl Urban (Priest).

     And Soon The Darkness is a moderately entertaining, somewhat alarming account of the about the abduction of two young women in a foreign country. The movie debuted in limited release in 2010. It is a remake of a 1970’s British film of the same name that was written by Brian Clemens and Terry Nation. The film tells the story of two beautiful young women with contrasting personalities and beliefs who visit Argentina for a vacation that quickly becomes a nightmare of an experience when one of them goes missing.

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