Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama's Boy

By Da’Mon Guy
      Mama’s Boy is a straight to dvd comedy in the lines of Dumb and Dumber. This barely entertaining movie stars Jon Header, (Napoleon Dynamite, the Benchwarmers) Anna Farris, (Scary Movie, The House Bunny) Diane Keaton, and Jeff Daniels. it’s a bad attempt to poke fun at people who stay at home too long.

      Jon Header stars in this movie about a almost 30-year-old slacker who never leaves home based upon a misinterpreted quote from his late father. Header’s character, Jeffery, has a morbid fear of losing loved ones and whole heartedly takes up the charge to always be there for his mother.

      The comedy begins when Jeffery's mother Jan, played by Diane Keaton decides to begin to date again. She quickly becomes romantically involved with Jeff Daniels character Mert Rosenblum. Header becomes jealous and swears to break up the two. This begins a chain of comedic events. The two of them exchange various comedic blows. For example, Jeffery cuts the "ass" out of all of Mert's pants, Mert turns down the heat in the basement where Jeffery stays, and Jeffery plants "weed" in the house to frame Mert as a "pot head," just to name a few.

      Mama’s Boy is a minimally funny movie that is hardly worth the time you will spend watching it. There are some laughs but they are far and few.The exchanges are really the only reason to watch this movie. But they do not constitue sitting through the running time for this movie. Jon Header does nothing that he hasn’t done before and this time it is even less funny this time than the other times that it has been done. Anna Faris brings nothing to the film but a couple of dumb looks and a name. She isn't even as funny as she was in the last awful scary movie.

      PLEASE Don’t waste the time to even watch this. How this got to the screen I’m still trying to figure that out. Someone PLEASE find me a phone number, address, or something because I need to punch someone for making this. I also need to be slapped for sitting through it.


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