Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hall Pass: A Hilarious, Can't Miss Comedy that Amusingly Highligths the Male Obsession with Sex after Marriage

By: Da’Mon Guy

     Hall Pass is a hilarious, witty showcase of comedic wickedness that lightheartedly addresses the obsession of some married men with women and sex. The film humorously addresses the struggle to maintain a monogamous lifestyle. The movie stars Owen Wilson (Little Fockers), Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), Jenna Fischer (Blades of Glory), Christina Applegate (Going the Distance), Richard Jenkins (Let Me In), Nicky Whelen (Halloween 2), Stephen Merchant (Tooth Fairy), Larry Joe Campbell (Killers), Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), and Bruce Thomas (Green Lantern: Emerald Knights).

A “hall pass” is defined as a 7 day break from the confines of marriage allowing a married man to have the choice to explore the avenues that are no longer afforded to him like when he was single. Once the pass is given, the married man will not be held accountable for any choices that he made in the duration of the hall pass.

     Hall Pass is an extremely enjoyable, side-splitting perspective that aptly entails the constant battle that some men have with marriage & fidelity. The film takes a jocular approach to a multitude of aspects that separate the two perceptions of marriage between men and women. It’s a great showcase for some of the sexual desires and expectations that sometimes lead to the frustration that many men have after marriage.

     Hall Pass amusingly highlights the lack of acceptance that a number of men have with the progression of life from single to married. Its full of a number of extremely funny situations that question the desire to have the freedom of a single man while still enjoying the perks of being married. This humorous debauchery boasters a high level of raunchiness that heightens the humor. It pulls no punches since it has no limits as to what it will do to garner a laugh. The movie has a high comedic value, as scene by scene, it implements its jocular touch to the concept of granting a “hall pass.”

     The film utilizes a multitude of marital issues as fuel for its comic debauchery. It pokes fun at topics such as fidelity, masturbation, and a number of other sexual innuendos as the laughs mount. It applies a few witticisms to those topics which takes the humor to another level of enjoyment. Terms like “spank bank” (masturbation), "taking mental pics" & "eye banging" (starring at a woman and fantasizing), "the fake chow” (faking a part of the sexual experience), and a multitude of other hilarious monikers comprise the perception of the male characters but add a great level of humorous entertainment. Hall Pass doesn’t stop there though. It filters in a number of humorous aspects from other shows, such as the Law & Order black screen, to add a creative, jocular touch.

     The acting in Hall Pass is first rate. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis are great as the two potential sexual miscreants. Sudeikis carries the most of the weight of the movie as Fred Sering. Sudekis is at his slapstick best in what is clearly his best role to date. Fred‘s level of over the top sexual obsession makes for great humor and is a terrific offset to Owen Wilson’s more laid back, but equally obsessed character. There are number of supporting roles, highlighted by Richard Jenkins as Coakley, that add to the comedic decadence.

At the core of this humorous absurdity is a truly heartfelt message about love. The movie is actually about true love & cherishing the things that many take for granted after years of marriage. The movie just muddles the message in an insane amount of ridiculously enjoyable jest.

     Hall Pass is funny from the opening moments. The film comically mocks many of the differences between men & women. The movie is extremely entertaining despite lacking a universal appeal for both sexes. Men will undoubtedly get more out of the movie than women. It’s a ridiculously funny film that sends the audience into a stupor of humorous bliss. Don’t miss this one as it is a must see!


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