Sunday, June 19, 2011

Piranhna: A tactless, Deplorable Excuse for a Horror Movie

By: Da’Mon Guy

     Piranha is an disconcerting, tactless travesty that implements a high use of nudity to distract the audience from the tasteless depravity that it really is. The film is an inexcusable waste of resources that abuses the R rating. This disappointing calamity is comprised of a number of good Hollywood talent that is completely misused. It stars Elizabeth Shue (Hollow Man), Ving Rhames (Death Race 2), Jerry O’Connell (Obsessed), Steven R. McQueen (The Vampire Diaries tv show), Jessica Szohr (Fired Up), Adam Scott (Step Brothers), Dina Meyer (Saw IV), Richard Dreyfuss (Red), and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future trilogy).

      Piranha is a faintly entreating, tragic remake of a 1979 movie of the same name that developed a cult following. The film is the story of some prehistoric man eating fish that are....
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