Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Do You Know: A Mind-numbing, Disconcerting Misuse of Talent

By: Da’Mon Guy

     How Do You Know is a boorish, painstaking atrocity about a love triangle that seduces the audience by implementing a quartet of top Hollywood talent. The film is a monotonous, unyielding debacle that makes viewing it feel like a chore. This disaster stars Resse Witherspoon (Water for Elephants), Paul Rudd (Dinner for Schmucks), Owen Wilson (Little Fockers), and Jack Nicholson (The Bucket List) with supporting roles by Kathryn Hahn (Stepbrothers) and Molly Price (The Good Doctor). It also features an appearance by Tony Shahloub (1408).

     How Do You Know is a thankless catastrophe which has so many shortcomings that they are way too long to dwell on them all. The film is just bad. Most of it makes little to no sense, making it almost unbearable to sit through. The film is supposed to be some combination of drama and romantic comedy but most it doesn’t have nearly enough of either to garner the acceptance into either of the genres.....
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