Friday, July 15, 2011

Bad Teacher: Someone Forgot that this was Supposed to be Funny

By: Da'Mon Guy

     Bad Teacher is an unscrupulous, dim-witted farce that completely abuses the R rating. The film is a lackluster mishap that is comprised of an incoherent collection of mind-numbing moments. It forces audiences to ponder how a catastrophe like this warrants production. This debacle stars Cameron Diaz (The Green Hornet), Jason Segel (Gulliver‘s Travels), Justin Timberlake (Friends w/Benefits), Lucy Punch (Sucker Punch), Phyliss Smith (The 40 yr old Virgin), and John Michael Higgins (The Ugly Truth).

     Bad Teacher is a tedious, lifeless dullard of a comedy that is stockpiled with a tremendous number of cricket spurring moments. This tragic happenstance tries to implement the formula from Bad Santa (2003) and apply it to the story of a teacher. However, Bad Teacher comes up miles and miles short. This travesty has a multitude of shortcomings as this film fails to deliver on the humor but it is stockpiled with enough rauchiness, obscenities, and vulgarities to fill up a trilogy.

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