Monday, July 18, 2011

Whip It: An Enjoyable Convergence of Comedy and Drama

By: Da'Mon Guy

     Whip It is an enjoyable, energetic interpretation of the often used coming of age tale. The film is an entertaining combination of comedy and drama. It effectively intertwines the two of them to inject a unique perspective to the frequently told story. The movie features Ellen Page (Juno), Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids), Eve (Flashbacks of a Fool), Juliette Lewis (Conviction), Daniel Stern (The Next Three Days), Marcia Gay-Harden (The Mist), Jimmy Fallon (Fever Pitch), and Alia Shawkat (The Runaways). The movie marks the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore (Going the Distance) who also appears in the film in a supporting role.

     Whip It premiered hit the big screen in 2009. It’s a fresh perspective on the frequently used coming of age story. This latest take on the tale revolves around a 17 year old girl who is struggling to find her place in the world while she is under a ton of duress from her mother. Bliss Cavender is an outsider who is pressured by her mother to take advantage of opportunities that are afforded by youth, like beauty pagents, but Bliss doesn’t accept her mother’s wishes. By sheer chance she crosses paths with some of the participants of the local roller derby where she joins the league and quickly finds a passion for the sport. Bliss quickly rises and becomes the star of the league.

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