Friday, July 15, 2011

Machete: An Enjoyable Spoof of Action Moives

By: Da'Mon Guy

     Machete is a ridiculous, unscrupulous satire that pleasantly scoffs at the love affair that audiences have with action movies. The film is stockpiled with enormous bouts of ridiculousness that highlight the outrageous nature of this enjoyable mockery. It is comprised by an all-star cast that fill nearly every role in the film. The movie stars Danny Trejo (Death Race 2), Jessica Alba (Little Fockers), Michelle Rodriguez (Battle: LA), Robert DeNiro (Little Fockers), Jeff Fahey (Planet Terror), Cheech Marin (Race to Witch Mountain), Lindsay Lohan (I Know Who Killed Me), Don Johnson (When In Rome), and Steven Segal (Above the Law) . The movie is directed by Robert Rodriguez (Predators).

      Machete is a moderately entertaining, action-packed farce that humorously taunts the action movie genre. The film creatively mocks the genre by implementing a number of larger than life aspects that endears the genre to the American cultureMachete is based on the trailer that director Robert Rodriguez used in one of his other films, Grind house presents Planet Terror/ Death Proof. The movie is a satisfying commingling of action and comedy. Machete premiered in late 2010.

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