Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight: A Disappointing, Lackluster Return to the 80's

By: Da'Mon Guy

     Take Me Home Tonight is moderately humorous, humdrum trip into the recent past. The movie is a lackluster disappointment of a comedy attempts to entertain its audience by whisking its them back into the 1980’s to showcase a wild night of partying through the eyes of four individuals who attended the same high school. The movie stars Topher Grace (Predators), Dan Fogler (Balls of Fire), Anna Farris (What's Your Number), Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four), and Michael Biehn (Planet Terror).

     Take Me Home Tonight is a humor depraved, second-rate effort to produce a comedy. This disappointment is the story of hopes, dreams, missed opportunities. The film focuses on the lies and misconceptions that people tell in order to impress others.The film has no where near the comedic value that was insinuated from the trailers. Take Me Home Tonight uses the 1980’s as the setting to crime scene for this comically challenged assault on viewers. The film brings back the 80’s and places them on full display.

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