Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your Highness: A Poor Excuse for Comedy

By: Da'Mon Guy
     Your Highness is an insanely raunchy, uncouth take on medieval times that infuses an excessive use of vulgarity, obscenities, and crude humor in an attempt to poke fun at great tales of enchantment and swashbuckling. It’s 90 minutes of unmitigated offensive efforts that fail to be funny. The movie stars Danny McBride (30 Minutes or Less), James Franco (127 Hours), Natalie Portman (Thor), Zoey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer), Toby Jones (The Rite), and Justin Theoraux (Megamind).

     Your Highness is a scarcely amusing disaster that is an unsuccessful marring of the combination of ridiculousness and senselessness. This mind-numbing absurdity implements an unjustifiable use of vulgarity coupled with an incalculable amount of sexual references that tries to be funny. It attempts to add a jocular perspective on the great tales of high adventure and fantasy. The film pokes fun at many aspects of tales of fantasy such as wizards, dwarves, and fairies who all make their way into this debauchery.

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