Friday, December 7, 2012

Act of Valor: A valiant exhibition of heroism

By: Da'Mon Guy

The “larger than life” qualities that comprise most action movies have endeared the genre to the world. This films can drive one to stardom. Stars like Arnold Swarzenegger, Syvelster Stallone, and Bruce Willis carved out a permanent place in our psyche because of it. The charisma conjoined with the intense action gives audience and adrenaline boost and often causes them to look past the realistic nature by which the films are based. But in reality, for the real life action stars, war, violence, and risks that one takes in nothing glorious. When these situation become necessary the real life Rambos take charge and often get no recognition until they are in a casket.

Act of Valor (Rated R) is pulse pounding and riveting. It’s a gripping story of dedication, sacrifice, and true heroism. This enlightening narrative uses the lives of actual United States Navy seals as a foundation for a very distinctly unique film going experience. The movie’s cast is a combination of real Navy Seals and Hollywood actors that are commingled to give audiences one of the most unique takes on the action movie genre. The film stars Roselyn Sanchez (The Game Plan), Jason Cottle (Remarkable Power), Nestor Serrano (Secretariat ), Alisa Marshall (Richard III), and Seal Team 7 that is comprised of Lt. Rourke, Soc Dave, So Weimy, So Ray, Soc Sonny, So, Ajay, So Mikey, and So Miller.
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