Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Butterfly Effect 3: The third time is a charm

By: Da'Mon Guy
In the modern era of film making, any film that has a moderate level of success will most likely spurn a sequel. These days, the sequel is usually a less that spectacular, substandard direct to video follow up. The Butterfly Effect was an enjoyable and creative approach to science fiction that premiered in 2004. It spurned a pair of direct to video sequels, The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006) and now the Butterfly Effect 3.

Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations is an intimate, interesting convergence of sci-fi, suspense, and drama that revolves around a serious of murders and the events the circumstances that can arise by altering the fate of one person. The film poses a mind boggling approach to supernatural whodunit. The film debuted in 2009. The film stars Chris Carmack (Shark Night), Rachael Miner (Repicas), Melissa Jones (Retardead), Kevin Yon (The Five Year Engagement), Lynch R. Travis (Dogman), and Sarah Habel (Whip It). 
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