Monday, November 22, 2010

The Back Up Plan:




By: Da’Mon Guy

      The Back Up Plan is an enjoyable romantic comedy that effectively blends the fantasy of dating with the reality of relationships. It’s a very entertaining movie that stars Jennifer Lopez (Enough), Alex O’Loughlin (Whiteout), Micheala Watkins (The New Adventures of Old Christine), Eric Christian Olsen (Fired Up), Linda Lavin (Alice), and Anthony Anderson (Hustle and Flow).

      Zoe (Lopez), is an attractive, successful woman, who has dating and trust issues. She decides to conceive a family through artificial insemination because of the lack of available candidates. Then in a chance meeting she meets Stan (O’Loughlin) and falls in love.

      The Back Up Plan is actually two movies. First, it’s the usual larger than life date movie. Secondly, it becomes a really good venue to illustrate the problems of modern dating and relationships. This movie is a prime example of one of the main issues that face men and women in today’s modern dating world. Too many women in today’s society watch these types of films and fail to realize that this is a fantasy. They often blur the lines of reality with what goes on these types of films when it comes to modern dating. The larger than life dates and courting in these movies are unrealistic for the most part. Then, the belief that it leads to some happily ever after ending builds expectations that men could never live up to. These movies appeal to women’s sense of romance and fantasy. They are set in real life situations and many women fail to grasp the fantasy aspect of the movie. Everyone would like to be swept off of their feet, but with these larger than life date movies, it would make it hard for any man to ever equate to one of these fictionalized characters. It’s almost as impossible to become one of them as it is to become Batman.

      The Back Up Plan quickly transitions from a flight of the imagination into a more sensible couples movie that addresses many modern day concerns that both men and women face everyday. After the impossible build up, The Back Up Plan swiftly becomes an very down to earth movie. Something that everyone can relate to. It really addresses the level of mistrust that confront a lot of couples as they try to move to that next level. The Back Up Plan shows the level of concern that women have entering into difficult situations with men. This movie mirrors actual life and shows first hand how women tend to build up a wall with the expectation that a man will leave. Then try to convince themselves and the other individual that it will not work to avoid the disappointment of taking a chance with the relationship as opposed to trying to resolve and work through the tough times. Zoe repeatedly pushes Stan away, trying to convince him that they can’t work because of her trust issues.

     The Back Up Plan has a very good blend of comedy for both sexes. There are many scenes that will be hilarious to women that will barely make and man smile and vice versa. It is full of good performances starting with the main stars. Lopez and O’Loughlin make a good couple on screen and the audience can feel the chemistry between them. This is situational comedy at its best. Anthony Anderson also makes a scene stealing cameo.

      The Back Up Plan is a really good "chick flick" that guys can watch too. It’s good enough to hold a man’s attention in spite of being geared towards a feminine audience. Women will definitely get more of a kick out of it but its filled with a lot of situational comedy that every man will be able to relate to and laugh at. It’s not something to run to the theaters and see but it makes for a good dvd night. The most important thing is that it is good viewing with the one you love.

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