Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Pie Presents The Book of Love: "The Worst Slice of American Pie to Date"


By: Da’Mon Guy

      American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is the seventh and most recent disappointing installment in the American Pie series of movies. This depressing waste of time features Eugene Levy (American Pie) who makes his usual appearance in the franchise’s films. He is joined by a cast of virtual unknowns such as Bug Hall, Kevin Horton, Brandon Hardesty, Beth Behrs, Melanie Papalia , Jennifer Holland, and John Patrick Jordan.     
      Horny teens that are trying to score find the “fabled” Book of Love that will aid them in the quest to end their virginity.

      The Book of Love follows the same formula as the previous movies in the franchise. Horny teens + some nudity + a masturbation incident involving food, throw in a teen named Stifler, and an appearance by Eugene Levy equals an American Pie movie. The biggest problem with The Book of Love and most of the subsequent sequels that followed the first three of the franchise is that they all lack the main ingredients that made the first three movies of this franchise enjoyable. Namely, the substance at the core of the story and the original cast. These films have always been about horny teens and the extreme measures that they are willing to go through for sex but the original three American Pie films had a heartwarming story and a good cast as a foundation. Almost none of the rest of the other sequels have either. These films have been lacking any kind of continuity since the original cast moved on. That has definitely hurt the franchise. Lone holdover Eugene Levy is no where entertaining enough to carry a film or validate the franchise.

      The Book of Love does have a few very limited situations that were very humorous. Rob (Bug Hall), in the Jason Biggs role, was constantly being caught in compromising situations that ended up on video tape throughout the movie. These situations were continuously placed on You Tube to embarrass rob. Secondly, there was the panty theft incident and then the old hooker who dies while giving a blow job. Aside from those, it has almost nothing to laugh at. The Book of Love simply just ups the raunchiness in an attempt to make a quick buck.

      The cast of The Book of Love is completely disposable as is the rest of the story. None of them are even worth mentioning as they are just components to express the limited comedic sequences. The recurring role of “Stifler”, which is a constant role and necessary component of the series, was no where near as entertaining in this incarnation as in the prior installments of the American Pie series of films. John Patrick Jordan is clearly not up to the task as he lacks the charisma that Sean William Scott brought to the role so many years ago.

      American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is easily the worse in the American Pie franchise. This seventh installment is nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on the quickly diminishing fan base that follows this franchise. This one in particular is nothing but a disservice and a mockery to the movies and story that started the franchise.

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