Monday, March 21, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau: "The Best Film of 2011"

By: Da’Mon Guy

     The Adjustment Bureau is a mesmerizing, inviting love story that is superbly interwoven with a number of themes in order to breathe life into an excellent movie experience. The film incorporates a multitude of plot dynamics to comprise a great film. It is easily one of the best films of 2011. This inspiring escapade stars Matt Damon (True Grit 2010). Emily Blunt (The Wolfman), Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker), Terrence Stamp (Valkyrie), John Slattery (Iron Man 2), and Michael Kelly (Defendor).

     After a chance meeting with a beautiful woman, a man fights against a predetermined plan in order to be joined with the woman that he falls in love with.

     The Adjustment Bureau is an engaging, thought provoking, happenstance that terrifically combines a number of aspects to create a great film experience. The film is easily the best film of the year to this point. The movie is based on a short story by Phillip K. Dick. The movie is cleverly well developed as it interweaves a number of unlikely concepts together. This thrilling extension of the imagination commingles the ideals of religion, aspects of science fiction, and then grounds them into reality to create this delightfully enjoyable narrative.

     The film is a contemplative, mind bending experience that forces you to question the concept of fate and chance. The Adjustment Bureau incorporates many aspects of religion as the story unfolds. The religious concepts that comprise the film are terrifically embedded as the story begins to unfold, these aspects filter into the story. The Chairmen (God) and the adjusters (angels) are the members of the secret organization that checks mankind as it get off course. The adjusters help keep the evil nature of man in check as they allow mankind the appearance of free will.

     Above all else, The Adjustment Bureau is a love story. The movie is a modern day “Romeo and Juliet-esque” love story of star crossed lovers that fight against forces trying to keep them apart. The film has a multitude of aspects intermingled into to this poignant love story but the foundation of it is the undeniable love that David (Damon) and Elise (Blunt) find in one another. The film is an first rate testament of how love conquers all. The movie builds an excellent level of tension. You are frozen in anticipation as David tries to overcome the number of obstacles that the members of the Adjustment Bureau repeatedly try to place in front of David to persuade him from his unrelenting pursuit of Elise. As David begins to overcome the constant, mounting impediments, we are forced to cheer and revel in his sucess because of the great level of suspense that the story creates.

     The movie is comprised of excellent acting. Matt Damon is in his best role since The Bourne Trilogy. He plays David Ross perfectly. Ross’s inspiring passion and unrelenting determination are felt throughout. He and Emily Blunt make a wonderful pairing. Emily Blunt electrifies the screen. She delivers a first rate performance as Elise. Much of her emotion is conveyed subtlely however, her charisma is felt throughtout. Just as David falls for her in the film, her performance will make you fall in love with her as well. The love that David and Elise share is the foundation of the movie and Damon and Blunt’s terrific chemistry make us believe every minute of it. Terrence Stamp, John Slattery, and Anthony Mackie all delivery fantastic supporting performances as members of The Adjustment Bureau.

     The Adjustment Bureau is the first must see film of this year. This is a movie that entertains and invokes thought. I eagerly awaited it’s release and it didn’t disappoint. The movie met and greatly exceeded any expectation that I had of it. The movie is a excellent expose that intricately interweaves a multitude of concepts such as love, determination, courage, choice, chance and fate to captivate and inspire some thought provoking entertainment. This is an enthralling tale that starts and doesn’t stop until the final minute. It will easily have you clamoring for more. A must see!

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