Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love & Other Drugs:" An Enjoyable, Alluring Tale of Love and Determination"

By: Da’Mon Guy

     Love and Other Drugs is a charming, enjoyable love story about a mismatched pair of lovers that overcome a number of self induced obstacles to find true love. The movie is an alluring tale of love and determination that induces a level of awareness as one of its central characters posseses a mental illness. The film cleverly unites the talents of Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince of Persia), Anne Hathaway (Get Smart), Oliver Platt (2012), Josh Gad (21), Hank Azira (Along Came Polly), and Gabrielle Macht (The Spirit).

     What begins as a casual sexual relationship for two free spirited people quickly begins to evolve into a relationship that redefines both of their lives.

     Love and Other Drugs is a heartwarming, spirited drama that is the tale of two people that find a deep connection. This energetic happenstance is an entertaining, tender story that is superbly commingled with the elements of a romantic comedy to deliver an enjoyable film. It begins as your typical romantic comedy but it soon develops into something significantly more substantial with substance.

     Love and Other Drugs opens with a surplus of sex and comedy. The light hearted nature of the first third of the film is no different then any of the other plethora of hum drum romantic comedies that are released today. However, as the movie progress the layers of the film begin to peel back and then the real story unfolds. This rom-comedy tale induces a level of trickery as it mirrors the relationship between Jamie and Maggie. It seduces you and then firmly grabs hold of you, trying to convince you that it is something other than what it really is. Slowly with each passing moment the film begins to invite you in showing how much depth it actually has. The dramatic nature of it seeps out within every encounter between our sexually driven couple. Love and Other Drugs then transforms into a captivating tale of love, perseverance, and acceptance.

     Jake Gylenhaal and Anne Hathaway given magnetic performances at the core of the film. Jamie Randall (Gylenhaal) is a rebellious womanizer still trying to find his mark in the world. Jamie’s charm and way with women are undeniable. He jumps woman to woman as he never allows for any level of connectivity beyond the physical aspects of male/female interaction. Anne Hathaway is especially exceptional as she steals every scene of the film with her stellar performance of Maggie Murdock. Maggie is a beautiful, free spirited, young woman who rejects any form of substantial emotional connectivity. Maggie has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She masks her desire for true love and connectivity with brief no strings attached sexual encounters. Maggie’s indomitable spirit refuses to let anyone or anything hold her back. She never allows any one to become close enough to her to feel the responsibility of caring for her or aiding with her illness. Oliver Platt and Josh Gad make great comedic cameos in their respective roles.

     Love & Other Drugs is a feel good story about life. The film is enjoyable on a number of levels. It’s entertaining and extremely touching. It displays all of the elements that a good story must have. It shows how no obstacle, large or small cannot be overcome. A movie that will move even the most callous of souls. A must see with high reply value.

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