Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scream 4: The Best Scream Since the Original

By: Da’Mon Guy

 After a ten year absence from the silver screen, the knife-wielding killer known as Ghostface finally makes his long awaited return to entertain a two generations of movie fans as Scream 4 slashes its way back into the hearts of viewers. The film is a highly enjoyable, satisfying continuance to the trilogy that brought a new brand of horror to audiences. This long awaited successor is stockpiled with Hollywood talent as Scream veterans Neve Campbell (Scream 1-3), David Arquette (Scream 1-3), and Courtney Cox (Scream 1-3) resume their roles from the prior films. They’re joined by a talented cast of newcomers that feature Emma Roberts (Valentine‘s Day), Hayden Panettire (I Love you, Beth Cooper), Rory Culkin (The Zodiac), Erik Knudsen (Beastly), Anthony Anderson (The Back-Up Plan), and Mary McDonnell (Battlestar: Galactica: TV series), with cameos by Kristen Bell (You Again), Heather Graham (The Hangover), and Anna Paquin (X-Men 1-3).

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