Friday, April 8, 2011

Soul Surfer: An Inspiring Showcase of Courage and Determination

By: Da’Mon Guy

     Soul Surfer is an entertaining, heartwarming story about love, courage, and determination. The film is a heartfelt, inspiring movie that explicitly showcases the intense fervor and unbridled determination that drove a young girl to overcome a devastating tragedy to continue to follow one of her life-long passions. The movie stars AnnaSophia Robb (Race to Witch Mountain), Helen Hunt (Then She Found Me), Dennis Quaid (Vantage Point), Lorraine Nicholson (Click), Chris Brochu (Solar Flare), Ross Thomas (Dance Flick), Kevin Sorbo (Meet the Spartans), Sonya Balmores (Ride the Wake), Carrie Underwood (Enchanted), Cody Gomes (Hawaii Five-O TV series) and Craig T. Nelson (Company Men).
Soul Surfer is based on the true story of 13 year-old Bethany Hamilton, a young girl, who becomes a professional surfer. She courageously overcame a vicious shark attack that caused her to lose her left arm.

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