Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Resident Evil: Afterlife: A "Disappointing Addition to a Declining Series of Films"

By: Da’Mon Guy

     Resident Evil: Afterlife is the latest lackluster, catastrophic sequel in the decaying Resident Evil series of films. This is fourth extremely mediocre installment in the diminishing series of films based upon the once popular Capcom game that originated in 1996. This debacle returns Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil 1-4), Ali Larter (Obsessed), Boris Kodjoe (The Surrogates), Wentworth Miller (Prison Break: TV series), Kim Coates (Silent Hill) and Shawn Roberts (I Love You, Beth Cooper).

     Alice returns to continue to battle zombies as she continues her quest to end the reign of the dreaded Umbrella corporation.
     Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth and most disappointing sequel in the Resident Evil series of films. This franchise is the most successful film series to be based on a video game. In spite of the success of the franchise, this newest iteration does next to nothing to extend or enhance the series. The string of films has been on the decline since the second film, Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The absurd nature of these film continues to mount as each of the sequels have become more outrageous than the previous. The story has become so far-fetched that it makes the film implausible and difficult to follow. What initially started out as a creative film that allows for an opportunity to submerge yourself within the world of a video game has become a thoughtless farce with little to no direction. The movie has become less about the story and more about the mindless action and carnage within it. The first picture in this succession of film, Resident Evil, had a fairly enjoyable storyline that was highlighted by some good-quality action sequences. As the popularity of the film increased, the story of the franchise has become less plausible as too many of the details that would solidify the story are negated for fueling the adrenaline rush for the audience. The series of films bare little to no resemblance to one another other than a few minor details within each one to tie to the one before.

     This motion picture is an unjustifiable mishap that has very minimal positives about it. It does exhibit some level of continuity as the story resumes where Resident Evil: Extinction ended. It offers a few flashbacks in between the carnage to piece together some form of a storyline that connects it to the other films. Alice is on her continuing mission to shut down the Umbrella corporation who are now responsible for the near extinction of mankind.

     The franchise finally incorporates one of the central figures from the video game, Chris Redfield (Miller) into the action. Redfield is the brother of Claire Redfield (Larter) and was the central character in most of the early games that Capcom released. He has been non existent until this film. However, R.E: Afterlife doesn’t give any clear origin for his introduction. It just flings him into the series.

     The best part of this unmitigated disaster is the action. In each of the films, Mila Jovovich is exceptional in the action aspect of these films. Jovovich is easily the best female on screen when it comes to the delivery of fighting sequences. She almost never disappoints in any of her roles as a female “bad ass” and R.E: Afterlife is no different. The action sequences are bold, exciting, and remarkable. Conversely, the film falters with trying to implement the overused concept of 3-D that Hollywood is currently pointlessly obsessing over. Too many of the action scenes are mismanaged as the parts of the sequences focused upon to give the audience the 3-D feel. While this may be good for the usage of the unwarranted concept, it kills the film. The addition of some of these sequences detract from the scenes as well as the enjoyment of them.

     Resident Evil: Afterlife is mindless dribble that reduces the story to a shell of what movie lovers have come to know and love. This film abuses the following that the film as well as fans of any of the actors that appear in it may have. It is easily something created just to make a quick buck. The senseless ending is bona fide proof of it. The story within the film is less satisfying than the ones that appear in actual games. If you want to watch Mila Jovovich truly kick some ass then watch Ultraviolet and avoid this dismal waste of time.

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