Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drive Angry: Heavy on Action But Light on Story

By: Da'Mon Guy

     There are films that make you question why and how they ever came to production, let alone make it to the theater. Drive Angry is a great example of that. If you ever wanted to experience an outrageous perspective on the never-ending battle between good and evil, then this is your movie. Drive Angry is a mildly successful commingling of action and ridiculousness that is fused together to create a fairly enjoyable take on the oldest confrontation known to mankind. It questions the concepts of good and evil, life and death and is chocked full of obscenities, vulgarities, and nudity. The film is a great exhibition for the argument that love is an unbreakable bond and the most powerful force in the universe as it extends beyond life and death. The movie stars Nicholas Cage (Season of the Witch), Amber Heard (The Ward), William Finchner (Date Night), Billy Burke (Red Riding Hood), and David Morse (The Hurt Locker).

     Drive Angry has a solid plot but the delivery of it is just bad. The story rambles about and barely makes sense most of the time. Despite the gravity of the themes that are embedded within it, its delivery completely hampers the enjoyment of the film. The film tries to mask its shortcomings by the film’s senseless implementation of violence but for anyone above the age of 15 will see right through its maddening story. Conversely, despite the ridiculous nature of the movie it’s very theme heavy. The movie has a number of themes submerged in between it’s multiple bouts of lunacy. At its core, Drive Angry is about family and undying love. This zany story of redemption and atonement shows how love can conquer all.

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