Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Janky Promoters: A Lackluster Mockery of the Music Industrt

By: Da'Mon Guy

The Janky Promoters is a modestly entertaining, jocular perspective on the shady world of music promoters. The film is a fairly amusing perspective on another urban story that highlights certain aspects of the over glamorized life in the hood. This film showcases one of the fastest growing genres in music, rap. The film stars Ice Cube (Lottery Ticket), Mike Epps (Jumping The Broom), Young Jezzy, Tamala Jones (35 & Ticking) and Juanita Jennings (Vacancy 2: the First Cut).

     The Janky Promoters is a putrid cesspool for the overused, redundant stereotypes that plague Afro-American films. It’s a reasonably humorous farce which embellishes on the pathetic state of the modern movie making involving Hollywood’s obsession of glamorizing the hood life. It’s an under-publicized but still inspires a good level of humor. It’s the latest hood-centric project that reunites the tandem of Ice Cube and Mike Epps for more comedic hi jinks. The film premiered in 2009.

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