Thursday, February 23, 2012

Halo Legends: An Enjoyable Intersection of Anime & Video Games

By: Da'Mon Guy

      Halo:Legends is a dynamic, innovative animated feature that is comprised of a collection of insightful, creative segments which grants an eye-opening introspection into the universe of one of the most popular video games ever, Halo. The film is highlighted by a multitude of different styles of animation that enhances theenjoyment of each of the stories. It features the voices of James Falkner(X-Men: First Class), Greg Ayers (Dragon Ball Z Kai: TV series), Luci Christian(Dragon Ball Z Kai: TV series), Deke Anderson (Green Lantern), ShellyCalene-Black (Ester‘s Diary), and Chris Ayers (Summer Wars).

     Halo:Legends is an action-packed, adult-themed collection of animated short storiesthat are based on the popular video game series by Microsoft. The game debuted in 2001. “Legends” gives a detailed, insightful observationinto the back story that comprises the series of games in the mega successful video game franchise

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