Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Howling Reborn: A Dreadful Misuse of a Once Great Film

By: Da'Mon Guy
     30 years after the debut of The Howling, this newest addition to focus on Lycanthropy and uses a cult classic as a starting point for a new generation of movie lovers. The Howling Reborn attempts to reintroduce a new generation of movie goers to the Howling legacy. The Howling Reborn is a less than stellar, dreadful pillage that attempts to capitalize on the never ending obsession with the supernatural. It stars Landon Libborn (Altitude), Lindsey Shaw (Devolved), and Ivan Milocevic (What's Your Number).

     The Howling Reborn is an uninspiring, dismal attempt to use an existing brand name to seduce movie lovers into to enduring this disastrous swindle of a horror film. A coming of age story that is interwoven with a the tale of the supernatural. The scare factor is nearly non existent. No real level of suspense.

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