Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sitter (2011): What happened to the laughs?

By: Da'Mon Guy
     There are a number of countless remakes that premiere annually. Conversely, out of the insanely high number of remakes, re-imaginings, and reinventions as they have been dubbed, there are even fewer that are offer a high level of satisfaction or equate to many of the films that they are derived from. The Sitter is a regurgitated, unfunny reinvention of an old 1980’s film Adventures In Babysitting. It’s stocked full of a number of cricket spurring attempts at comedy. The movie stars Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street), Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2), Landrey Bender (The Council of Dads TV movie), Max Records (Where The Wild Things Are), and Kevin Hernandez (Expecting A Miracle TV movie).    

      The Sitter is a senseless, mind-numbing happenstance that is chocked full of vulgarities and obscenities. It’s contains a high use of illicit obscenities and an equally high volume of sexual innuendo in an attempt to solicit some laughs.
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