Thursday, June 21, 2012

Superman Vs The Elite: A Moral test for the Man of Steel

By: Da'Mon Guy

     Superman Vs The Elite is a contemplative, action packed testament that delves deep into the core of the hero mythos as it questions the morality of superheroes. It is one of the more unique perspective on the adventures of one of the world’s most famous heroes. This tale poses a great question about how the forces of evil should be handled once they are brought to justice. Does the evil that the heroes defend the world from deserve to be judged with the same law system as normal people or should they face death as a penalty for their crimes against humanity? Superman Vs The Elite gives its audience an entertaining outlook on that argument. The film features the voices of George Newbern (Saw IV), Pauley Perrette (NCIS TV series), Robin Atkin Downes (Prometheus), Catero Colbert (Fat Albert movie), Melissa Disney (iCarly TV series) and Andrew Kishino (Hot in Cleveland TV series).

     Superman vs. The Elite is thought provoking perspective that places the Man of Steel against a quartet of metahumans called the Elite who do not share his high moral compass when it comes to bringing villains to justice. The Hat, Manchester Black, Menagerie, and Coldcast have no reservations about taking life as they prefer to kill the threats that they confront instead of attempting to bring them to justice. The Elite are the judge, jury, and executioner. This new animated adventure tests every fiber of Supermans' strong convictions as he confronts the new age vigilantes. “Elite” is the latest animated full length adventure from DC comics direct and the second of 2012.

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